As a 7-year-old Gon was knitting. Together with her mother. Mom knitted a sweater, neatly according to the pattern. Gon knitted a unique sweater; hers.

Veterinary medicine gave her professional knowledge so she could also find her way in that area.
With courageous, sometimes even looking reckless…

Overlooking her visual development of the last five years, it can be determined that her need to

please almost disappeared... Her story —because her work is always a narration in images— is essential. The viewer is not to be pleased. More likely, sometimes even shocked. More questions are suggested than answers presented. Thinking more and more about unorthodox ideas, she uses her increasing knowledge to achieve all the more surprising goals.

Material selection is dictated by need; How do I tell my story? Without concessions to convention.
During her travels she is a collector; a jutter. (Parts of) dead animals, discarded objects; they ignite sparks of imagination. In the same way, she collects ideas and impressions which she combines, unravels and rearranges. One of Gon’s great inspirators is the work of Jheronimus (Jeroen) Bosch. Gon recognized and shares the vileine humor, the absurdity and the dark, in the work of the mystical magician.

It is the balance of heavy and fragile material versus the feather-light brush technique of the source
of inspiration, which has become an important part of the power in her work. Solid, earthy and stubborn. They reveal their three dimensions and the unusual material combinations, full of surprises.


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